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    A Meta Review on Records Management Studies for Future Use
    (2023) Aliyu, Bube Abdulkarim; Mohammed, Zakari; Abubakar, Tijjani; Mohammed, Habibu
    This paper focuses on meta review on some records management studies for future use. It presents the studies based on the following areas: type of records generated by individuals and organisationsfor community services procedures through which records are managed, procedures through which records are accessed, purposes of utilization of records and extent at which records managed satisfy the need of the owners. The studies were conducted in different fields such as education, health care, financial aspect among others. also, the studies were conducted across the globe by different scholars in order to add to the body of knowledge which can be used for societal development. It is concluded that records management studies were conducted from different organisations such as universities, hospitals, secondary schools, local government areas, among others. This tells the scope of studies conducted in the fields of records management and can be used to identify gap in the field so that future researcher can made decision with regard to the studies in the field and contributing in the emerging educational innovations, creativity and research for transformation of teaching and learning in the new global education realities.
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    Revolutionizing Library Operations with AI: Enhancing Efficiency and User Experience in Academic libraries in Nigeria
    (2023) SAIDU, Ibrahim
    Libraries have long been thought to be the foundation of knowledge, providing access to a broad diversity of books, information resources. However, in today's digital age, the emergence of novel technology is transforming old techniques of library management. Library management software has emerged as a game changer, transforming library operations and improving overall user experience. The realm of library management software in this trending topic, covering its benefits, features, and impact on modern libraries with AI technology.
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    Mastering online Search Skills: Unlocking the Power of Information and User Experience in Academic libraries in Nigeria
    (2023) SAIDU, Ibrahim
    Mastering search skills is essential for everyone seeking knowledge, conducting research, or solving problems. By understanding search engines, choosing the right keywords, utilizing advanced search techniques, evaluating sources critically, exploring alternative search tools, and staying abreast of search trends, one can unlock the full potential of information retrieval. Enhancing your search skills will not only save you time but also empower you to make good result. However, Search skills are crucial for unlocking the power of information and enhancing the user experience in academic libraries. Academic libraries serve as essential repositories of knowledge, housing vast collections of books, journals, databases, and other resources. However, accessing and utilizing these resources effectively requires proficiency in Online search techniques and strategies.
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    Adoption and Use of E-learning in Nigerian Higher Institutions for Sustainable SocioEconomic Development
    (2021) Musa, Aminu Umar; Muhammad, Jamila; Ismail, Murtala Adakawa
    E-learning has received considerable attention from educators and researchers, but its adoption and use in Nigerian higher education institutions are not encouraging. Several studies have reported a variety of barriers that affect the successful implementation of e-learning, such as nonexisting operational policies, financial constraints, poor internet connectivity, and resistance. This paper undertook an in-depth review of the literature concerning the benefits of e-learning and barriers affecting successful e-learning implementation for sustainable socio-economic development. The paper highlighted that in Nigerian higher education institutions, the lack of a conceptual framework that takes into account factors that could aid in the proper implementation of e-learning has hampered the successful adoption and use of e-learning. The study concluded that recent developments and government awareness of the importance and relevance of ICT in the educational sector in Nigeria have opened opportunities to adopt e-learning to deliver distance education in order to educate the majority of its uneducated or less educated people. The paper recommended that capacity-building activities, active partnerships, and investment in human and infrastructural facilities remain central to harnessing and exploiting e-learning for socioeconomic development in Nigeria
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    (2021) SULEIMAN, Hussaini,; SAMBO, Suleiman,; KOKAMI, Mohammed Shehu
    Information Communication Technology has changed the way Libraries operate today. This has led most of the libraries to move from the old way of providing services to users to the modern method due to Information Communication Technology which gave birth to digital services. The aim of this article was to explore digital library for the effective dissemination of information through digital services. The need to reconfigure the library for an effective digital library was also explored. It highlights the concept of a digital library by studying the basic requirements and equipment needed to restore the library for effective digital services. The article examines some of the opportunities and issues associated with creating a digital library, such as: Better accessibility, faster information retrieval, copyright / license, and power outages, to name a few. It concludes that library, which relies heavily on print resources, should rethink and incorporate digital services to effectively serve its remote users and also figure out how to maintain digital services so that library services are effective. Some recommendations were made which included that digital libraries should try to persuade and obtain a copyright license from publishers / authors. This would help them provide a better service to their users. Digital library should continue to improve users' digital services by ensuring that users can access resources anytime, anywhere, and any day, It will help them change their way of thinking to take advantage of the latest digital technologies / services.