Information Policy Implementation in Nigeria: Issues and Challenges

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Musa, Aminu Umar
Dauda, Aliyu Abubakar
Ja’afar, sekinat
Musa, Abubakar Mohammed
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Information policy implementation faces a range of challenges, especially in a resourceconstrained country like Nigeria. Given the contexts in which policies are developed, including the policy's content, the nature of the policy formulation process, and the actors involved in the formulation and implementation processes, this paper examines the challenges of information policy implementation in Nigeria. To achieve this objective, a comprehensive literature review was conducted to arrive at an understanding of some of the challenges that hinder the effective implementation of information policy within the Nigerian context. The paper identifies issues and challenges within the wider policy literature and explains why it is critical to tackle each challenge for effective policy implementation. The paper reported a lack of a clear definition of responsibility and coordination, a lack of participation of stakeholders and beneficiaries, a lack of continuity and commitment to policy, compromise and conflict during implementation, overambition in policy formulation, and corruption as major factors hindering effective information policy implementation. The paper concludes by arguing that a supportive policy environment, the involvement of major stakeholders and beneficiaries, clearly defined roles and responsibilities and a good plan of action at the implementation stage can be regarded as necessary ingredients for effective policy implementation
A Seminar Paper Presented at the Seminar Series Session of Ahmadu Bello University Library Complex Held at PG E-Library, Kashim Ibrahim Library on 10th August 2021