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    (2021) Hussaini, Suleiman; Suleiman, Sambo; Saidu, Ibrahim; Isah, Rakiya Princess, Bridget Terfa Ikyembe
    The paper set out to look at Stress Management among Academic Librarians at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria Library Complex. The study was guided by two research questions. The study adopted a quantitative approach and descriptive research design. The population includes 115 Academic librarians working at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria Library Complex. Due to the manageable nature of the study and the population, a total enumeration was used. The questionnaire was used as a data collection tool. A total of 115 questionnaires were sent to the respondents and 104 questionnaires were correctly completed and returned by the respondents. The data were analyzed by descriptive statistics and measures of central tendency using frequency, percentages, and mean. The benchmark for high-level awareness of stress among university librarians was 2.5, using the criterion mean on a 4-point Likert scale. The finding of the study showed a high level of awareness among Academic librarians regarding technological stress, health damage, and research writing to mention just a few. It concluded that stress that has been identified to have effects on librarians should be properly managed so that high productivity by Academic librarians can be fully realized since the majority of academic librarians are aware of some stress and its causes. It recommended that the management of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria Library Complex should reduce the workload on staff, educate the academic librarians on how to write research articles properly and how to use the technology, and organize quarterly training for Academic staff of the Library Complex. This would help to minimize the stress often experienced by them'e.t.c
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    Enhancing Access to Public Libraries through Inclusive Library Initiative Programmes in Kaduna State, Nigeria
    (2021-11) SAMBO, Suleiman,; SULEIMAN, Hussaini,; MOHAMMED, Habibu,; JIMADA, Aisha,; AHMED, Zakaria
    Providing library services to the satisfaction of all users without discrimination is crucial to Public Libraries in this century. Inclusive Library Initiatives is aimed at enhancing access and increasing meeting the demands of all users. The aim of the study was to highlight some of the Inclusive Library Initiative Programmes and to determine if these Inclusive Library Initiatives Programmes enhance access to Public Libraries in Kaduna State. A lot of Inclusive Library Initiative Programmes were introduced by Librarians worldwide such as IPad lending, Mobile Workplace, Seat2meet, Table Tennis, Fab Lab, Chat and Chill, Tool Lending, Kitchen Equipment and many more. The methodology adopted was Quantitative Method while Survey Design was used for the study. Population of the study constituted all the 11 Public Libraries registered with Kaduna State Library Board and the whole population was used because it was manageable. From the total of 11 copies of questionnaire distributed, 10 copies, representing 91% were filled and returned. Data were collected using questionnaire and analyzed using simple frequency and percentages. The study revealed that majority of the Public Libraries in Kaduna State are not aware of Library Inclusive Initiative Programmes while the only one that is aware initiated a programme of extra NECO, WAEC, UTME and PUTME lesson for pupils trying to gain admission into institutions of higher learning. The study also shows great improvement in terms of patronage after the programme was initiated. The study concluded that the project of Inclusive Library Initiatives Programme if properly utilized will increase Public Libraries’ capacity to serve members of the community. Finally the study recommended that awareness should be created among Public Libraries in Kaduna State and Public Libraries Librarians in Kaduna State should be encouraged to create more Library Inclusive Initiatives Programmes.
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    Factors to Consider in Formulating Library and Information Science Curriculum for the 21st Century
    (2021-11) JIMADA, Aisha,; GOSHIE, Rhoda Wusa,; SAMBO, Suleiman,
    The purpose of Library and information science education is to educate individuals for careers as librarians and information specialists to undertake instruction, research and service programs that will assist them meet up with current and emerging library and information technology needs. This paper discussed factors to consider in library schools while formulating Library and Information Science Curriculum in the 21st century. The study look at staff, instructional technology, open distance education, choice base , need based curriculum and need for national and international accreditation agency as some of the factors to consider in order to meet up with the current trend in the 21st century and job market . The study also states that inadequate infrastructure, / instructional facilities, lack of information and communication technology skills and outdated library and information science curriculum are some of the challenges facing Library and Information Science. These challenges can only be met if educators, Library and Information Professionals work together and bring improvement through the curriculum with a great impact on work places. Way forward are that adequate infrastructure and facilities, library and information staff should be trained and retrained on how to use information and communication technology facilities, and the library and information science curriculum should be updated regularly in order to meet up with the current trend in the profession and job market.
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    (2015) OGBONYOMI, Abel Adegoke
    The need and quest for a happy and fulfilling retired life after job is the desire of every civil servants. However, the prevalence of lateand delayed payment of civil servants’ entitlement especially in Nigeria characterizes retirement. It is no newsthat retirees battle endlessly with this menace. The government have tried to ameliorate the scheme but in utter futility. This paper peeped into the status of retirement in Nigeria, its problem, possible solutions to retirement problems and likely suitable jobs and information that could help retired civil servants in Nigeria to mitigate their plight. The paper recommended that potential retirees should endeavour to plan retirement as soon as they start work not waiting tillactual retirement. Government also, on its part should organize retirement seminars, workshops and counselling for intending retirees so as to prepare them for the inevitable
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    (2021-03) OGBONYOMI, Abel Adegoke; HASHIM, Abdulwaheed; ABDUSSALAM, Yusuf; AYODELE, Rachael O.
    This study investigatedthe use of web facilities for conferences among academics in Kashim Ibrahim Library Ahmadu Bello University Zaria Amidst Covid 19 Pandemic in Nigeria. Two research questions were raised to guide the study. The questions were to find out the problems faced by academics of Kashim Ibrahim Library in participating in electronic conferences during the Covid 19 pandemic and the strategies for improving the use of virtual facilities/zoom for effective conferences/meetings amidst the Covid pandemic. The study adopted quantitative research method and descriptive research design. The population and the sample of the study was theentire 111academic staff of Kashim Ibrahim Library. The instrument for data collection was a semi structured questionnaire to allow respondents give added information. Data generated was analyzed using frequency tables, simple percentages and descriptive mean of standard deviation. Findings revealed that most academics in Kashim Ibrahim Library attempted the use of electronic conferencing/zoom amidst Covid 19 pandemic but are majorly faced with problems of Login/Non acceptance of details, Space/accommodation, International time barrier differences, Power supply, Network fluctuation among others. The study therefore recommended that adequate electronic communication and computer network facilities like super highway bandwidth which could mitigate these problems be put in place. With this, the use of virtual facilities could be positively enhanced.