Africa Biofortified Sorghum for Nutrition

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WAMBUGU, Florence
ABA, Daniel
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The goal of African Biofortificd Sorghum (ABS) Project is to develop and deploy sorghum with enhanced pro-vitamin A to farmers and end-users in Africa to alleviate vitamin A related micronutrient deficiencies diseases. Sorghum with enhanced pro-vitamin A will first be deployed in the three initial target countries of Nigeria in (English-speuking West Africa), Burkina Faso (French-speaking West Africa) and Kenya in (English-spcaking Mast Africa). To achieve this goal the project technology development team led by DuPonl Pioneer has developed several promising high pro-vitamin A sorghum events. ABS 203 events is so far the most advanced and well characterized lead event with about 10 u,g p-carotene/g tissue which would supply about 40-50% of the daily recommended vitamin A. Through gene expression optimization other events with higher amounts of pro-vitamin A including ABS 214. ABS 235, ABS 239 with 25pg, 30-40 pg, 40-50 u.g of B-carotene per g tissue, respectively, have been developed. Preliminary results of introgression of ABS pro-vitamin A traits into local sorghum varieties in Nigeria and Kenya shows stable introgression of ABS vitamin A into local farmerpreferred sorghums varieties. Ex ante economic analysis shows that ABS has a benefit-cost ratio that is at least 10 and cost per Disability Adjusted Life-Years (DALY) saved of less than US$100, 20 times more cost effective than World Health Organization (WHO) and World Bank average. ABS gene Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and freedom to Operate (IT'O) have been Corresponding author: Dr. Florence Wambugu, phone (2547333633260, fax +254204441 121, email f'wanbugu@afaricaharvest.o.rg, Abbreviations: ABS- Africa Biofortificd Sorghum, VAD- vitamin A deficiency, CiMO-gcnetically modified foods Cambridge University Press
The Sixth African Nutrition Epidemiology Conference held in Accra, Ghana July 21-25, 2014
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