A Meta Review on Records Management Studies for Future Use

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Aliyu, Bube Abdulkarim
Mohammed, Zakari
Abubakar, Tijjani
Mohammed, Habibu
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This paper focuses on meta review on some records management studies for future use. It presents the studies based on the following areas: type of records generated by individuals and organisationsfor community services procedures through which records are managed, procedures through which records are accessed, purposes of utilization of records and extent at which records managed satisfy the need of the owners. The studies were conducted in different fields such as education, health care, financial aspect among others. also, the studies were conducted across the globe by different scholars in order to add to the body of knowledge which can be used for societal development. It is concluded that records management studies were conducted from different organisations such as universities, hospitals, secondary schools, local government areas, among others. This tells the scope of studies conducted in the fields of records management and can be used to identify gap in the field so that future researcher can made decision with regard to the studies in the field and contributing in the emerging educational innovations, creativity and research for transformation of teaching and learning in the new global education realities.
A paper presented at Faculty of Education, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, International Conference, 2023 on the Theme: Emerging Educational Innovations, Creativity and Research for Transformation of Teaching and Learning in the New Global Education Realities, organised from 24-28 July, 2023