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SULEIMAN, Hussaini,
SAMBO, Suleiman,
KOKAMI, Mohammed Shehu
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Information Communication Technology has changed the way Libraries operate today. This has led most of the libraries to move from the old way of providing services to users to the modern method due to Information Communication Technology which gave birth to digital services. The aim of this article was to explore digital library for the effective dissemination of information through digital services. The need to reconfigure the library for an effective digital library was also explored. It highlights the concept of a digital library by studying the basic requirements and equipment needed to restore the library for effective digital services. The article examines some of the opportunities and issues associated with creating a digital library, such as: Better accessibility, faster information retrieval, copyright / license, and power outages, to name a few. It concludes that library, which relies heavily on print resources, should rethink and incorporate digital services to effectively serve its remote users and also figure out how to maintain digital services so that library services are effective. Some recommendations were made which included that digital libraries should try to persuade and obtain a copyright license from publishers / authors. This would help them provide a better service to their users. Digital library should continue to improve users' digital services by ensuring that users can access resources anytime, anywhere, and any day, It will help them change their way of thinking to take advantage of the latest digital technologies / services.
Library & Information Management Forum (LIMF) Ahmadu Bello University Library Complex, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.
Digital Library,, Information Communication Technology,, Issues Opportunities