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dc.contributor.authorMusa, Aminu Umar-
dc.descriptionArticle publicationen_US
dc.description.abstractThis paper defines open access literature as digital, online, free of charge, and free of most copyright and licensing restrictions. It also discusses the open access publishing models which are open access journal ("gold road") and open access repositories or institutional repositories ("green road"). It goes further to discuss the concept of research productivity which is viewed as a means by which academics contribute their own knowledge to the existing body of knowledge. The paper stressed some justifications of open access in research productivity as to maximize the uptake, usage, applications and impact of the research output of your university; to measure and reward the uptake, usage, applications and impact of the research output of your university (research metrics); and to collect, manage and showcase a permanent record of the research output and impact of your university. The paper maintained that: Lack of research skills in modern methods, lack of equipment for carrying out state-of-the art research, overloaded teaching and administration schedules which leave little time for research, difficulty in accessing research funds and diminishing ability of seasoned and senior researchers to mentor junior researchers due to brain drain as the main factors responsible for the decline. The paper concluded that Librarians have extensive skill sets often developed over many years. Librarians may not believe that “scholarly communication” or “open access” has much relevance to their research productivity. There is no doubt about the fact that Open Access provides global visibility for researchers, their research output can be accessed globally free of charge. This will in turn give room for easy-share of ideas, results and inventions to build upon.en_US
dc.subjectScholarly Publishing,,en_US
dc.subjectResearch Productivity,en_US
dc.subjectNigerian Federal Universities,en_US
dc.subjectOpen Access,en_US
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dc.titleOpen Access Scholarly Publishing: A Chance for Maximization of Research Productivity among Academics in Nigerian Federal Universitiesen_US
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