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Title: Statement of Responsibility: What is the State of Youth Adults Service Inclusion by Libraries
Authors: KASA, M. Gabriel
GOSHIE, W. Rhoda
Keywords: Statement of Responsibility,
State of Youth,
Adults Service Inclusion by Libraries
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: This paper focuses on effective service delivery to youth adults as library strives to fulfill her responsibilities and installs the loss of trust; confidence and commitment of youths. It attempts to resolve where the library got it wrong. Ideals of librarianship which constituted the statement of responsibility were enumerated; conceptual issues on youth services, professionalism to complement effective service delivery were deliberated to correct misconceptions that the library has abandoned the plight of the youth. In conclusion, it was clear that librarians could make the youth utilize the library effectively through establishments of youth consultations corners and other advisory services that makes them bonafide stakeholders. Ways were suggested as recommendations to overcome complexities that defy the conformity with the unifying mission and vision establishing libraries for youth adults' development.
Description: Proceedings of the Department of Library and Information Science Held at faculty of Education conference hall, September 2016 VoL (1) 2018. AHMADU BELLO UNIVERSITY ZARIA-NIGERIA
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