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Title: Assessing the Effects of Pilferage, Mutilation and Theft of Library Resources on Institute for Agricultural Research Library
Authors: KASA, M. Gabriel
Keywords: Assessing the Effects of Pilferage,
Mutilation and Theft of Library Resources,
Institute for Agricultural Research Library
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: The paper presents the prospects, problems and solutions on the effects of pilferage, mutilation and theft of available information resources in an agricultural library. The overall purpose of the study is to identify and ascertain the factors predisposing of culprits to the crime and describe measures appropriate to curb the menace. The findings revealed that well tailored orientation is necessary. Punitive measures were also suggested to salvage poor utilization of services. The study conclude that lack of policy guarding use and misuse of resources contributed significantly and negatively to safeguarding available resources, punitive measures and administration. It therefore recommends punishment on leaving the library with resources not in circulation or not properly checkout. Culprit should be made to pay for resources pilfered, mutilated - deface or destroyed as a result of carelessness, and finally, expulsion from the library
Description: (Department of Library and Information Science jlfimadu (BeOo ‘University, Zaria, Nigeria
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